• 3D Measurements can be performed in Cintoo Cloud in the 3D View in either the Scan Mode or the 3D Navigation mode.
    • Measurements cannot be made in the 2D Panoramic display mode. You must be in one of the 3D display modes.
    • We recommend using the Scan Mode with the 3D Surface display mode to pick the right points and make the most accurate measurements.
    • Once the measurement has been created, it can be viewed in the 2D Panoramic mode as well.
  • Click on the ‘Measurement’ tool in the vertical tool bar:
  • Click on ‘+ ADD MEASUREMENT
  • 3D measurement is then performed in the 3D View with information updated in real time:
  • 3D Measurements include: Length, Height, Width, Angle (from horizontal plane), and measurement along the X, Z and Z axis.
  • 3D Measurements are saved with the context (camera position, display mode). For example, in 3D RGB mode:
  • 3D Measurements can be exported in a PDF Report.
    • Go to the REPORT tab of your project and select the ‘Activities’ that you want to be listed in the report:
    • The PDF is generated when clicking on ‘Export as PDF’ and downloaded right away on your computer.
    • Each item title of your PDF report is clickable, allowing to display the corresponding activity in Cintoo Cloud:


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