There are 2 ways to easily assign scans to a Work Zone:

  • Method 1: Either by manually draggring and dropping scans from the list in the DATA tab to the Work Zone in the Project Explorer or in the DATA tab.
  • Method 2: Or my selecting the scans in the Overview Map and creating a new Work Zone in the Work Zone tab.
  • Deleting a Work Zone is possible as well without deleting the assigned scans. See below.

Method 1 – Drag & drop in the DATA tab

  • Create the Work Zone first using the button at the top right:

  • Select your scans in the DATA tab (you can use Shift for a multiple selection):
  • Then drag and drop them with your mouse to the right Work Zone either in the Project Explorer or in the corresponding folder in the DATA list:

Method 2 – Scan selection in the Overview Map

  • Go to the Overview Map for your project.
  • Select the orthoview (top, left, right, front or rear) and the display setting (RGB, X-Ray, Surface) that will show the best view of your scan layout for a selection by the rectangle selection tool.

  • Click on the ‘Rectangle Tool’ in the vertical tool bar:
  • Use this tool to select the scans that need to be assigned to a given Work Zone.
  • By pressing CTRL and clicking on scan icons, you may remove some of the selected scans or add non-selected ones.
  • Click on the Work Zone tool in the vertical tool bar:
  • In the Work Zone tab that pops up on the right, select the ‘Add Work Zone’ tool.
  • Give a name to your Work Zone:
  • Your selected scans are then automatically added to this Work Zone:

Deleting a Work Zone

  • Deleting a Work Zone does not delete the data inside this folder (scans, BIM mode, documents…). This data is then assigned to the parent folder.
  • The Work Zones permission is necessary to delete those Work Zones. Anyone having this permission can delete the Work Zones eventually created by other team members.


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