Make your laser scans part of your BIM Coordination!

  • Create notes or issues in Cintoo Cloud by viewing or analyzing your laser scans, or by comparing your scans to your BIM model.
  • Push/sync those notes and issues to/with BIM Track for global tracking and BIM project coordination.
  • Update, comment, assign these notes or issues as needed.

Step 1 – Connect your Cintoo Cloud Account to your BIM Track Hub

  • Get your BIM Track token for the selected BIM Track Hub from your BIM Track Account Manager.
  • Add this token to your Cintoo Cloud account.
    • You must be either a Cintoo Account Administrator or Co-Administrator
  • You may authorize access to several BIM Track Hubs (each one has a separate token).

Step 2 – Connect your Cintoo Cloud Projects to your BIM Track Projects

  • Please note that that your BIM Track Project settings may only contain Priority, Status, Type in the “Issue mandatory attributes” under the project General Settings. Any additional mandatory attributes could cause Cintoo Cloud to not sync with your BIM Track project.
    • If you do require additional mandatory attributes, you must set a “default” value in BIM Track in order for issue to push/sync.
      • For example, if the Domain is a mandatory attribute for your project in BIM Track, be aware that this attribute is not filled by Cintoo Cloud at this stage and will cause the sync/push to fail. So, the workaround would be to set this Domain attribute (as per our example) to be not mandatory in your BIM Track project or:
      • Set a “default” value for Domain in your Bim Track project before push/syncing the issue from Cintoo Cloud.

  • Select your Cintoo project under My Projects that you would like to link to BIM Track and select the REPORT tab
  • Clicking on Link Project will link all your notes and issues with BIM Track.

  • Once you select the Link Project button the following dialogue box will open asking you to select your BIM Track Hub and BIM Track Project

  • Invite Users:
    • Allows existing Cintoo Cloud users to be created as new users in BIM Track if they are not yet BIM Track users.
    • Applies to:
      • Users that create the notes or issues
      • Users that have been assigned an issue in Cintoo Cloud.
  • Push/Sync
    • In ‘Push’ mode, notes and issues from Cintoo Cloud will be pushed a first time to BIM Track, but all subsequent updates will come from BIM Track. In this mode, BIM Track acts as the ‘master’ for your notes and issues.
    • In ‘Sync’ mode, updates may come from both BIM Track or Cintoo Cloud.
    • This Push / Sync setting can be made for the whole Cintoo Cloud account, or for each Cintoo Cloud project independently.
  • Linking Notes & Issues
    • In REPORT, clicking on ‘Link Selected’ will link all your notes and issues with BIM Track.
      • You may select the ‘activities’ for specific users only:
      • You may select to push / sync issues only:


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