Instructions for deleting points in Autodesk ReCap

1. Deleted points in ReCap will still show up in your RCP file if you have used the ‘clip outside’ feature in ReCap.

  • So, do not use ‘Clip Outside/Clip Inside’, use ‘Delete’ during your cleaning process in ReCap.

2. After cleanup, when saving your RCP file, whether you use ‘Save’ or ‘Save as’, you will be prompted with one of these messages below:

  • Do not use “optimize 3D point cloud only” or “remove 3D point cloud only”

Importing RCP projects that include deleted points using Cintoo Connect

  • Install the latest version of Cintoo Connect by following the instructions here:
  • Follow these instructions to upload scans to Cintoo Cloud via Cintoo Connect here

Special instructions related to RCP projects that include deleted points:

  • When selecting your RCP file for import and upload via Cintoo Connect, this RCP file must be in read/write mode since Cintoo Connect will attempt to modify it during the process.
  • In Cintoo Connect, toggle the Do not import deleted points from RCP after selecting your RCP file:


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