Who needs to install Cintoo Connect?

Cintoo Connect must be installed on the Windows desktop of all the users who will upload laser scan projects from their desktop to Cintoo Cloud, or who will download Reality Data from Cintoo Cloud to get back point cloud on their desktop.

The users that will connect to Cintoo Cloud for viewing, measuring, annotating, cropping, creating orthographic sections or elevations, etc. and who will not import / export Reality Data do not need to install Cintoo Connect.

How to get Cintoo Connect?

Click on “My Projects” in the top bar and click on the project in which you want to upload data.

The new and latest version of Cintoo Connect is available directly from Cintoo Cloud web app by click-ing on this icon here:

Please download and install the latest version and follow the instructions to run the installation.


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Denise Lollar a écrit: Aug 5, 2021

I have downloaded the installer many times but can not figure out how to access it. What do I do after its been installed, how do i open it?