• Cintoo Cloud can display the intensity of the scans in the 3D View in either the Scan Mode or the 3D Navigation mode.
  • The 3D Intensity display mode is available for the scans that have been uploaded with Cintoo Connect version 1.7 or higher (from October 2019). If the 3D Intensity display mode is similar to your 3D Surface mode, that means that the intensity is not displayed for your scans and you will need to re-upload those scans with the latest version of Cintoo Connect to benefit from this feature.
  • 3D measurements and annotations can be added in 3D Intensity mode.
  • The 3D Intensity display mode is also available in the Shared Viewer:
  • The intensity data will be conveyed in the scans when exporting them from Cintoo Cloud.


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