This is a guide on how to export an e57 file from Leica Cyclone software (version 2021.1.0).

  • In the Leica Cyclone – Navigator window, right-click on the registered ScanWorld to be exported, and select Export

Select E57 Scan Format as the file type, and click Save:

In the Export ScanWorld dialogue, make sure all options are checked, and click Export:

  • If the import to Cintoo is missing 2D panoramic images, verify that the images being exported to e57 are cubemap images, not spherical images:
    • In Cyclone, click Edit -> Preferences*… -> *Scan tab:
    • Navigate to Export image to e57 as: and verify that Cubemap Image is selected:
    • Re-export the e57 file if needed.


  • Incorrect: 2D panoramic image missing in Cintoo:

  • Correct: 2D panoramic image showing in Cintoo:


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