The Model Explorer will allow you to browse your model hierarchy and metadata if the BIM & CAD Module (BCM) has been activated. See section “Unlocking the BIM & CAD Module” for details.

  • Please select the Resource Explorer in the vertical tool bar of your 3D View or your Overview Map:
  • This will open the Resource Explorer on the right hand-side.
  • Select the model that you want to browse. Double click on it, or click on the 3 dots on the right to show the various options.
  • Clicking on ‘Explore Model’ will trigger the upload of the model hierarchy and metadata. This may take some time, depending on the model size.
  • The Model Explorer allows you to browse, select, or unselect each one of your model element.
  • If the following message appears, the model that you are trying to browse was most probably uploaded before the release of the BIM & CAD Module (before Oct 03, 2022).
    • In this case, the only option is to upload the model again from Autodesk Construction Cloud or BIM 360. Or to upload the latest version of the model (see section “Updating BIM Models from BIM 360”)
  • The Model Explorer also lists several possible ‘Actions’ related to your selected resource(s). Those actions are related to the selected file and are similar to the available actions in the DATA tab for a selected Resource.
  • ‘Properties’ lists the properties corresponding to the selected model or element.
  • When selecting an element in the Model Explorer, you may:
    • ‘Show’ it or ‘Hide’ it in your 3D View.
    • ‘Isolate’ it from the rest of the model in your 3D View.
    • ‘Go To’ it, which will zoom your viewpoint to the selected element.
    • ‘Look At’ it, which will turn your viewpoint towards the selected element (no zoom).
  • You may also select any element of your 3D model in the 3D View by using the ‘Pick Models’ tool in your top tool bar. This will have the same effect as the ‘Isolate’ feature in the Model Explorer.
  • Picking a model element in the 3D View will automatically open the Model Explorer if it was not already open, and will automatically highlight the selected element in the model hierarchy so that you can easily get its Properties or isolate it for your analysis.
  • Selected elements will appear in blue in the 3D View. You may unselect the element (and then remove the blue highlight) with a CTRL + Click on the selected element in the Model Explorer.
  • You can come back to the Resource Explorer to check all your other resources by clicking on the left arrow at the top:


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