A 3D Navigation Map is available in the 3D View both in Scan Mode and in 3D Navigation mode. You can toggle it on/off by clicking on the corresponding button at the bottom right of the 3D View.

The Navigation Map is also available in the Shared Views.

The Navigation Map is created dynamically based on the RGB content of the scans. It is a top view of your project, and it shows all the scan positions that are at the same level than your current viewpoint.

Inside the Navigation Map:

  • The yellow cone depends on your current camera orientation and field-of-view. The transparency level depends on the vertical orientation of the camera:
    • Light yellow means that your current camera looks downwards.
    • Dark yellow means that your current camera looks upwards.
  • You can pan or zoom in and out to select your next scan position.
  • Hovering your mouse over one red icon will highlight the corresponding scan in the 3D View.
  • You can click on any scan position to switch to this scan position in Scan Mode in the 3D View.


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