• Please select the Resource Explorer (formerly Work Zone tool) in the vertical tool bar of your 3D View or your Overview Map:
  • This will open the Resource Explorer on the right hand-side:
  • The Resource Explorer allows you to browse, select, or unselect each one of your project resources: Work Zones, scans, models, 360 images, Site Maps (Assets due for Q3 2022).
  • The Resource Explorer also lists several possible ‘Actions’ related to your selected resource(s). Those actions are similar to the available actions in the DATA tab for a selected Resource.
  • For example, related to one scan:
    • Here are the possible actions in the DATA tab:
    • Here are the actions available via the Resource Explorer for the same scan:
  • When selecting multiple resources such as scans or models using Shift or Ctrl, you have the possibility to create a new Work Zone and then move these selected resources in this Work Zone.

  • You can see the ‘Properties’ related to your selected resource(s) as well.


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