You can share the 3D View with anybody or to selected users.

  • Select the scan that will be used as the starting point for the Shared Viewer experience:
    • In 3D View, switch to Scan Mode:
    • Select the scan with its orientation and the display mode (2D Pano, 3D RGB, 3D Surface) that you want to use as the starting scan, orientation and display mode.
  • Click the icon shown below on the top bar of the 3D View:
  • Select the options that you want.
  • You can customize the Shared Viewer by adding your own company logo.
  • You then generate a unique URL that you can copy, turn into a QR code or send via a private email.

  • Your recipients will need to use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to view this 3D content.
  • When sharing a scan from the DATA tab, the default view in the Shared Viewer will be the 2D Panoramic mode:


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