The BIM & CAD Module (BCM) can be unlocked by adding an option to the core CSD (Collaboration, Sharing, Distribution) subscription. This unlock will be valid for all projects under the account that owns the CSD subscription.

  • Autodesk Construction Cloud and BIM 360 Interoperability
    • Push RVT, NWD, NWC, 3D DWG, IFC from BIM 360 to Cintoo Cloud
    • Select transformation to be applied to the Revit model (Shared Coordinates or Origin to Origin)
    • All those 3D models will come with their hierarchy and metadata.
  • Upload from the disk
    • Upload IFC models from the disk.
    • Those models do not include hierarchy and metadata yet (due for late Q4 2022).
  • Align Scan & BIM
    • Align Scan to BIM/CAD or BIM/CAD to Scan
    • Export the alignment to Revit and Navisworks
  • Compare Scan data & BIM/CAD Model (Scan vs. BIM/CAD)
    • Overlay the BIM/CAD model to the scan
    • Compare using the Visual Difference and Visual Check tools
    • Generate heat map based on tolerance input
  • Issue Tracking
    • Export issues in BCF Format, PDF format or cloud connect to Autodesk BIM 360, Autodesk Construction Cloud, BIM Track or Procore to push those issues in your issue tracking platform.

BCM Unlock

  • When the BCM option has not been activated for your account:
    • All projects will show ‘CSD’ below the thumbnail:

  • Or in the project list:
  • When opening a project, the lock button at the top right will be greyed as well:
  • When clicking on this button or when trying to access one of the BCM features, you will be prompted a warning message recommending that you check with your Account Manager.
  • Please refer to the pricing section of Cintoo’s web site to know more about the pricing of the BCM option:
  • Once the BCM has been activated for this account, all projects under this account will display the BCM status:
  • When opening any project in this account, the lock button will be unlocked as well:


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