Starting October 25, 2021, you will have the ability to check for model updates in BIM 360 and to replace the uploaded model with the latest and ‘Current’ version (as per Autodesk BIM 360 definition).

Note: This feature will work for new models uploaded from BIM 360 to Cintoo Cloud after October 25, 2021. Models uploaded prior to this date will need to be uploaded again to benefit from this new feature.

Model Version
In the DATA tab for a given project, models uploaded from BIM 360 now have a version number attached to it:

  • In the list view:

  • In the thumbnail view:

Checking for updates

Click on ‘Check for updates’ for the selected model in the tile view or the thumbnail view.

If there is no update available, the following message will appear when clicking on ‘Check for updates’:

If there is a new version (set as ‘current’) for this model in BIM 360, you will get the following message:

Clicking on ‘Update’ will prompt the following message:

After clicking on ‘Udpate’, you will receive a notification email after a few minutes (time for such notification depends on the size of the model):

Going back to your DATA tab in Cintoo Cloud, you will need to refresh your page to see the new version listed.


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