In Cintoo Cloud, select the project in which you want to upload a BIM model.

Create a dedicated Work Zone to host this BIM model.

In this Work Zone, click on ‘Upload Models’.

A new dialogue box will now open:

By Selecting

Upload IFC models from your disk.
When exporting IFCs from Revit, go to Revit’s Advanced Settings:

  • Make sure to use “Active Shared Coordinates
  • Make sure to “Include IFCSITE elevation in the site local placement origin“.
  • Make sure to select the right_ Level of Detail_ for the work that you need to do.

By Selecting

  • Select ‘BIM 360’ as the source for your 3D data.
  • Login to your BIM 360 account. Select your Hub and your project.
  • Select your folder and model. Supported file types are: RVT, NWD, NWC, IFC and 3D DWG. 3D data only.
  • Some transformations are performed in BIM 360 using Forge APIs.
  • When selecting a Revit file, you will be asked to select the positioning option between ‘Shared Coordinates’ and ‘Origin to Origin’:
  • You will be notified by email once the selected model is ready for viewing in Cintoo Cloud.


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