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Structured vs. Unified & Unstructured Scan Data

Commencer » Structured vs. Unified & Unstructured Scan Data

Terrestrial or Static Laser Scanning Each individual scan comes with its depth map, associating X, Y, Z data to each pixel of the panoramic image grid. Structured Scans The structured data contains each scan location, each panoramic image & depth map, and the…

Creating a New Project

Commencer » Creating a New Project

Once you have accessed to Cintoo Cloud, invited a Project Manager or set yourself as a Project Manager, you (or the invited Project Manager) can now create a first project. Click on “My Projects” in the top bar: In “My Projects”, click on “Create…

Installing Cintoo Connect

Commencer » Installing Cintoo Connect

Who needs to install Cintoo Connect? Cintoo Connect must be installed on the Windows desktop of all the users who will upload laser scan projects from their desktop to Cintoo Cloud, or who will download Reality Data from Cintoo Cloud to get back point cloud on their…

Setting Project Managers

Commencer » Setting Project Managers

As an Account Manager, setting yourself as a Project Manager is easy: Click on Adminsitration>Project Managers You now have access to the full features of Cintoo Cloud, including the capacity to create projects, upload laser scan data, invite users and members,…