Click on “My Projects” in the top bar and click on the project in which you want to upload data.

Click on “Prepare and upload” from the top right of the window to start uploading a laser scan project.

Or you can also click on “Prepare and upload” from the middle of the window:

This will start Cintoo Connect on your computer:

Select your RCP (Autodesk ReCap) or E57 data. Please note that either your RCP or your E57 data must be a structured project, i.e. it must include the location of each scan, the panoramic images, depth maps and the point cloud.

  • Please check our video to understand the difference between a structured scan project and a unified or unstructured scan project:

Once the RCP or E57 file has been selected, click on “Import”. The process should start right away (translation to Cintoo Reality Data first and upload next).

On average, please allow around 1 to 2 mn for the processing of one scan of 10 Million pixels, 5 mn for 40 Mil-lion pixels, and about 25 mn for 160 Million pixels (times may vary depending on your computer).

Once a first scan has been uploaded, you can see the data in Cintoo Cloud by going to Data, Overview Map or 3D View tabs. You may need to refresh the page to see the list of scans already uploaded.


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