More about Viametris devices here:

The data that is expected by Cintoo Connect from the Viametris Mobile Indoor devices is the following:

  1. The unstructured point cloud in E57 format
  2. The walking /scanning path in XYZ format

Copying / pasting the XYZ file in the Images folder

Viametris software will export the scanning path in a file named ‘’ in a folder called ‘SensorTrajectories’. You then have to manually copy this file and paste it in the corresponding images folder, so that it’s located in the same folder than the corresponding panoramic images.

Importing Viametris data using Cintoo Connect 2.x:

  • Select ‘Upload Scans’ in your selected project and Work Zone.
  • Select the ‘Indoor Mobile Scanner’ tab.
  • Select ‘Viametris Backpack Mobile Scanner’:
  • Select the various files listed above in the various fields as shown in the example below:
  • You may modify the ‘Positions sampling’ value as needed:
    • For example, ‘1/4’ will create 1 scan location for every 4 panoramic images included in the scanning path.
    • The number of 3D scans and average distance between each one will be indicated in Cintoo Connect and will be added to your scan count.
  • Click on ‘Import’.
  • Check the ‘Messages’ tab from time to time to see if the process is running smoothly.
  • Your new 3D scans will appear one by one in your Cintoo Cloud project.


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