As a Project Manager, Admin or co-Admin

You can access Users & Permissions in the top bar of Cintoo Cloud. Users & Permissions then gives you access to USERS, GROUPS, ROLES, PERMISSIONS.

  • In ROLES, you can see all predefined roles & permissions and add custom roles.
  • As a result:
    • Those groups and custom roles created by any Project Manager, Admin or co-Admin now become available at the account level for any project created in your account.
    • All Project Managers, Admins or co-Admins can see and edit all the groups and custom roles from all other Project Managers, Admins or co-Admins, thus facilitating the management and the synchronization of this information.

If you are not a Project Manager, Admin or co-Admin
You cannot access Users & Permissions, so you cannot create any group of users and cannot create any custom role.

If you have the permission to Manage Project Members (ex: BIM/VDC Manager role) you can add users to a project by email invitation. The user(s) that you will add this way will be added to the Account Users list.


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Tim Vetter a écrit: Sep 16, 2020

How do I confirm the invited user has accepted the invite?