Cintoo Cloud streams high-resolution 3D meshes from each scan position in a WebGL-compatible browser and you can move from scan to scan by clicking on the scan locations displayed with an icon. VR Streaming is all about the same workflow: high resolution 3D meshes are streamed in a WebGL browser that is WebVR compatible, which will generate the 2 stereoscopic viewpoints that can been displayed via the VR app into the VR display device.

Added Value of Cintoo’s Technology for Virtual Reality

  • Highest possible resolution for the 3D mesh, coming from terrestrial laser scanners
  • Fast streaming of the 3D mesh from each scanning positions
  • Display modes: RGB, Surfaces, XRay
  • Streaming of the mixed scan data + BIM content with possibility to display them separately or together
  • Cloud-based or private-server-based solution for collaborative experiences

Recommended Configuration to run Cintoo’s VR Streaming feature

Supported VR Devices

  • Oculus Rift or Rift S with 2 touch controllers
  • HTC Vive Pro with 2 controllers

Required Web browser

  • Mozilla Firefox

Required software

  • Oculus desktop app. if you use an Oculus device
  • VR Steam desktop app. if you use an HTC device

VR-ready laptop or desktop

  • Equipped with a ‘good’ graphic board (such as NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 or better, or the equivalent from AMD)
  • HTC Vive provides detailed information about VR-Ready devices here:
  • You can also test your PC in this page by clicking on ‘Test my PC’.

Please follow these instructions to make your Cintoo’s VR streaming work within Mozilla Firefox:

  • If you are using a laptop with dual CPU (one NVidia graphics card and one Intel card), in the NVIDIA Control Panel, set your web browser(s) to use the high-performance NVIDIA processor:

Please follow these instructions to make your Cintoo’s VR streaming work with Oculus devices:

Please follow these instructions to make your Cintoo’s VR streaming work with an HTC Vive device:

Running the VR Streaming experience:

  • Login to Cintoo Cloud using Mozilla Firefox.
  • Launch Oculus or HTC Vive Application
  • Select the project that you want to experience in VR.
  • In the 3D View, click in the bottom right on: ===============>
  • Simply click on the VR mask at the bottom right of the Window.
  • This will start the VR app and display the content in the VR headset.


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